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Causes Of Narcissism

Yep, I know all about feeling 100 years old because of the exhaustion caused by my Narcissist.

from Organic Palace Queen

What I've Learned About Malignant Narcisissm

What I've learned about malignant narcissism and the advantages of being able to potentially spot a malignant narcissist, before they cause a lot of destruction and emotional distress. My experience with narcissism comes from an encounter with a deceitful "friend," who entered my life and caused absolute chaos for years, before I realized what was going on.

Getting the last word w a narc. Rejection. We want closure which is never going to come in a way that we want but we can find closure by No Contact. We want to be heard, want them to know the pain they've caused but they are never going to listen and if they do, they don't hear the words. What we often miss is the beauty of No Contact. You are finally saying No More. It is your voice without the words but they hear it loud and clear.


This couldnt be more spot on for My Ex(well actually a few ex's of mine) when any person has to belittle there Ex in anyway they're just Cowards that have to hide behind their web of lies cause they dont want the world to find just what kind of person they really are!If you dont want people to think less of you then don't behave in a way that they would have a reason to!


Why You Need To Get The Narcissist Out Of Your Head | Narcissism and Relationships Blog by Melanie Tonia Evans