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Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder caused by trauma. Someone with PTSD will often relive the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation and shame. #understandingmentalillness


PTSD: Sudden noises make me jump; nightmares continue to steal my sleep; flashbacks cause me to remember the trauma that I endured, over and over again. It's not a choice, once the trauma is experienced the subconscious mind plays it over and over again like a virtual theater of the mind. The true cause of ongoing trauma, PTSD, lies within the activity of our subconscious mind.


Everything the narcissistic mother does is deniable. There is always a facile excuse or an explanation. Cruelties are couched in loving terms. Aggressive or hostile acts are paraded as thoughtfulness. Selfish manipulations are presented as gifts. Criticism and slander is slyly disguised as concern.

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The Neuroscience of How Personal Attacks Shut Down Critical Thinking

Stumbled across a website full of information on neuroscience and how tone / style impacts the ability of people you communicate with to use critical thinking skills.

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The Power of Positive Karma

The need for dualistic practice ~ Tulku Thondup Rinpoche Why do we need dualistic practices, such as generating merit, to reach a state that transcends duality? Because we have to start from where we are. Our mind’s true nature is covered by karmic turbulence caused by our grasping at self and our negative mental habits. “Grasping at a self” refers to the way we grasp at mental objects as truly existing, perceiving them dualistically as subject and object. The…

The first person you think of in the morning, or last person you think of at night, is either the cause of your happiness or your pain. #quotes


Narcissistic abuse is so traumatic that many survivors appear to develop PTSD, in reality, it is my opinion that early childhood trauma caused the PTSD and the TRAUMA of the Narcissist triggers it. - Mary A. Faher/THE CEMENT BENCH

Pokemon Fusion Art: there are these detailed ones that cause nightmares and then there is lickizard
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Pokemon Fusion Art

Pokemon Fusion Art: there are these detailed ones that cause nightmares and then there is lickizard