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Causes Of Russian Revolution

Students are asked to:Step1: Briefly explain each eventStep 2: Next to each CAUSE mark a number 1 through 8. #1 representing the biggest contributing factor that propelled Russia in the 1917 Revolution and #8, representing the least motivating factory.Step 3: ELABORATE on why you assigned a #1, 2, and 3 to the events that you did.Step 4: Short Essay response or discussion question

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Animal Farm - English born writer Eric Blair better known as George Orwell takes the atrocities and hypocricies of the 20th Century surrounding the Russian Revolution and transforms Trotsky, Lenin and their followers into farm animals and proves to everyone that all aninals are created equal but some are created more equal!


Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna painting. Olga was the youngest child of Tsar Alexander III and sister to Tsar Nicholas II. In the Russian Revolution of 1917, she fled with her husband Nikolai and children. During her lifetime, she painted over 2,000 works of art, which provided extra income for both her family and the charitable causes she supported.

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Nicholas & Alexandra: Khodynka Field

For some reason, this tinted photo seems more real than the black and white.

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Russian Avant-garde Art: Rayonnism, Suprematism, and Constructivism

Russian painter, printmaker, decorative artist and writer of Ukranian birth. One of the pioneers of abstract art, Malevich was a central figure in a succession of avant-garde movements during the period of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 and immediately after.

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Crisco Shortening Tin Can Key Paper Label Advertising Vintage Kitchen Stage Prop

Remember the key on top of the Crisco tin. This could cause trouble if it broke or in any way messed up. KS