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The nostalgia for lynching within some followers of the Trump campaign. Reuters, November 2016


Terrifying tornado sends China schoolgirl flying into the air A freak tornado violently struck a playground in China where students were gathered for a sports day Wednesday, causing several moments of terror as a schoolgirl was swept off her feet and into the air by the strong, spiraling wind current. The chaotic incident occurred at 4:25 p.m. at the Yuanquan Town Elementary School in Guazhou County in the Gansu Province, according to the People’s Daily Online and South China Morning Post


Behind the Screen . .Lord Jacob Rothschild , ZIONIST JEW , Most Powerful Man of the World and Head of Rothschild Banking Clan . Who FUNDS BOTH Sides of WAR in Every WAR .


Millions of men, women, and children are impacted daily by the sociopaths in their lives. Sociopaths can cause great pain, anxiety, terror, and humiliation. They can make a good impression when needed and often portray their victims as the culprits." ---- Though most sociopaths are men, there are woman sociopaths - I know because I have dealt with 2 of them - a sister & a female "friend".


This is so true ruby I know u just like to be urself and well that's great cause ur amazing. And one day one guy will notice ur amazingness and fall in love with u cause ur perfect just the way u r