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Cavs Head Coach

Did LeBron James Get Cavs Head Coach David Blatt Fired?

Cavs head coach mentored struggling Lowry earlier in playoffs

Our coaches with Cavs head coach Byron Scott


Cavs' Lue amid criticism: 'Me and Blatt are cool'

Tyronn Lue: 'I know how loyal I was to Coach Blatt' Tryonn Lue says he remains on good terms with former Cavs Head Coach David Blatt despite the controversy surrounding his firing. David Richard/USA Today Sports

Former Raytown star Tyronn Lue becomes Cleveland Cavs’ head coach

from Bleacher Report

Meet Cavs Head Coach David Blatt

Meet New Cleveland Cavs Head Coach Target and Euroleague Product David Blatt Let the Blatt Era begin!!!!


Tyronn Lue receives call from President Barack Obama, gets invite to bring Cavaliers to White House (video)

Tyronn Lue's dream week got even better on Thursday afternoon when he received a phone call from President Barack Obama, congratulating the Cavs head coach on winning the 2016 NBA championship and praising the team for tireless work and relentless determination.

Cleveland Cavs head coach David Blatt reacts during Game 2 of the NBA Finals

The NBA 2016 Finals are finally over. Was it exciting for you? Or was was boring? Do you still believe that the NBA is rigged? I think your crazy. Was the MVP who you thought it should have been? Where does this leave LaBron James, Kevin Love, Steph Curry now? Will Tyrone Lue be the Cavs head coach next season? doesn't matter We give our opinions, we recap & talk about the NBA Finals plus all MLB, UFC, NFL & some Copa America news & updates.