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raevisita: A quote from my yoga teacher this morning. Background image attribution: Photo | CC License Image is a share alike and is licensed under the same CC license listed above.


50 Digital Joints: poster visual reference

Jochen Gross made this wonderful compilation of digital wood joints under CC license (various CAD files also available to download on his site). I wanted to be able to look at them all at once at marvel at their beauty, so I whipped up this poster-format visual reference. It's under CC non-commercial share-alike license. Large .PNG here and downloadable PDF below. Enjoy!edit: in case you don't have access to a plotter or other large-format printer, I've put it up on Society5 print-on-demand…


Pourquoi les femmes sont-elles toujours obligées de sourire?

Dire à une femme qu’elle devrait sourire constitue une forme tangible de harcèlement | Michael Coghlan via Flickr CC License by

Photo posted under a CC license. Please be thoughtful what you use them for, and consider making a donation to the Boat Refugee Foundation ( ).They are doing stellar work at Kos as well as Lesbos and Malta.

from PetaPixel

A Flowchart For Figuring Out Which CC License You Should Use

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 that, over the years, has released a set of licenses that enable creative types to share thei

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Gallery of Architecture City Guide: Copenhagen - 24

Architecture City Guide: Copenhagen,Courtesy of Flickr CC License / Kevin Burkett


Voici comment rompre le cercle infernal des pensées négatives

The Greek Tragedy: A Labyrinth of Debt | Carlos ZGZ via Flickr CC License by