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Cedrus deodara ' Sanders Blue ' Blue Himalayan Cedar

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Details about Deodar Cedar, (Himalayan Cedar), Cedrus deodara, Tree Seeds (Fragrant Evergreen)

Deodar Cedar, (Himalayan Cedar), Cedrus deodara, Tree Seeds (Fragrant Evergreen)


Cedrus deodara 'Silver Mist' (Deodar Silver Mist Himalayan cedar. Zones 6-9. This ornamental cedar variant grows only 6 inches per year. After 10 years it may only attain a height of 6’ and a width of 2’-3’. On better sites full sized mature plants may eventually exceed 10’. Soft, whitish needles are borne on slightly drooping branches.


Cedrus deodara ' Gold Cone ' Golden Himalayan Cedar

Cedrus deodara 'Gold Cone' A golden form of Himalayan Cedar. Golden-yellow, outer needles and blue-green, inner needles on the pendulous branches of this large, graceful, pyramidal selection of Himala


Cedrus deodara 'Aurea'

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