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An '80s Kitchen Makeover That's Anything But Cookie Cutter

Subway tiles in seafoam green instead of the usual white give the kitchen a color kick. Run to the ceiling, the smooth, glossy tiles also provide a textural changeup from all the wood. Bright white cabinetry with traditional recessed panels supplies plenty of neutral color to the fresh palette.


How to Plank a Popcorn Ceiling


13 Trade Secrets of Professional Painters

13 Painting Secrets Pros Won't Tell (like #5.SCRAPE RIDGE IN TEXTURED CEILINGS. Problem w/ painting along edge of textured ceilings is it's impossible to get straight line along top of wall without getting paint on ceiling bumps. Run screwdriver along the perimeter of ceiling to scrape off texture. "Lets you cut in w/out getting paint on ceiling texture," one pro says. Screwdriver creates tiny ridge in ceiling, so tips of paint brushes naturally go into it. You'll never notice missing…