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Embryo cell junction. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the junction between 2 blastomere cells in an 8-cell embryo, 3 days old. … The surface of each cell is covered in microvilli (red), tiny projections. Microvilli increase the cell surface area & here also function as bridges communicating between the cells. At the 8-cell stage embryo cells are loosely joined allowing the cells 2B separated 4 in vitro studies. On day 4 blastomere cells fuse together tightly (compaction)…


nerve and skeletal muscle thin section - each muscle fiber receives innervation at a single neuromuscular junction, as beautifully demonstrated here. Brightfield image stacking (40x) Credit: David Ward


Bees initially make circular cells and use their body heat to turn the wax into a viscous liquid. Then the surface tension at the 3-point junctions pulls the wax into a hexagonal shape.


Signaling in Gap Junction The function of Gap Junctions in cell and tissue biology is of utmost importance as Gap-Junctional Intercellular Communication exists in nearly every mammalian cell types.


Confocal light micrograph of a purkinje cell (stained with green fluorescent protein), a type of neuron (nerve cell). Purkinje cells consist of a flask-shaped cell body with many branching processes (dendrites) that receive impulses from other cells. Purkinje cells form the junction between the granular and molecular layers of the grey matter of the cerebellum.


Cell Phone Plop Sewing Tutorial (Man Sewing with Rob Appell)

Cell Phone Plop Sewing Tutorial