Close up photo of faux stained glass windows Grace point church abilene tx Kingdom rock vbs Colored cellophane cut to any shape taped with black tape onto wrinkled aluminum foil that is spread flat.

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First, cut up colored dividers ($2 per package at the local K-mart) into shapes and line the borders with masking tape to make them durable. These are great for light exploration, color mixing, and shape identification.

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Cellophane Tape Removal Kit | Electrical Tools | Conservation Tools & Equipment | Preservation | Gaylord Archival

Diy camera filters. Trace your lens (or an existing filter) onto thin cardboard. For every filter you want to make cut 2 cardboard circles. Cut the same size holes in the middle of the circles so you have 2 rings of cardboard and place the filter you want in between.(I used cellophane for the yellow, red and green filters and an old 3d glasses lens for the polarized filter.) Glue the 2 rings together and voila!! Attach them to your camera and you're done. You can fasten them to your lens…

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