Celtic Christian-Style Rune/Invocation - After many Celts were first converted to Christianity, many old traditions continued under new guises, like this one. This blend of Christian and Pagan belief is largely unique to Irish Catholicism.

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Kildare and St. Brigid’s Cathedral | Sacred Sites of Ireland - Sacred Site Tours of Ireland

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Iona, Scotland IONA, SCOTLAND, UK -- Iona Monastery on the Isle of Iona, seat of Celtic Christianity in Scotland the Celtic Cross has stood outside the church for over 1,000 years. Photo by J C Richardson.

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Portrait of St. Patrick~ A 15th c. carving of the patron saint of Ireland from Cty. Louth. Patrick, a Roman enslaved British nobleman who Christianized 5th c. Ireland, was also her greatest champion and the first on record to oppose slavery.

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