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Celtic Friendship Tattoos

Celtic knots are endless paths and so represent eternity and never ending this can be in love, faith, loyalty, and friendship. Cute and meaningful!!! Stephanie Close Close. ♥

celtic symbols for friendship | Friendship Symbol Tattoo

  • Sheila Nelson

    There are many, many meanings to every Celtic symbol.....and most of them cross each other with the same meanings. :)

  • Ephemeral-Eternity

    There is a symbol that means friendship that looks very similar to this but this one actually means freedom, I also don't think its celtic. These symbols are known as Zibu symbols which is considered "the language of the angels" here is the website: http://www.languageofzibu.c...

  • Rosalyn Evans

    I've seen this same tattoo claiming to mean "new beginnings" and "family" and "friendship"

  • Marti Longoria

    Ashlee Arguello

  • Andrea Henault

    Don't like as much as the other 2

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celtic friendship tattoo

Celtic Friendship Tattoos Have this with my BFF Anita, who passed away much too early-- before we were able to complete all our plans...miss her soooo!

Celtic Friendship Tattoo! Camille, Cherrelle, Niki, and Jess, girls it's going down on Friday!!! Bachelorette party and tattoos, here we come!!!

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Friendship tattoo, Celtic symbol for friendship

Celtic friendship tattoo

celtic tattoo | symbol for strength, family, resilience, and friendship Would love to use this as a wall decoration. Celtic atrtwork is awesome!

Celtic friendship tattoo nk on the inside of my right wrist

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Best friends tattoos we got. With our fav colors in them!

Tattoo Ideas for my sister tattoo with Carrie Owens :) mine on my left foot and yours on your right

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One Day... I will choose a friend and we will get theses celtic friendship tattoos

Celtic friendship tattoos.

celtic symbols for friendship | Celtic Tattoos 071 Celtic Tattoos 071 Alyssa Harr let's get these!!

My Celtic Friendship Tattoo is pretty popular on Pinterest!

Irish Celtic symbol for eternal friendship tattoo

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Celtic Infinity Tattoo | Meaningfull Day and Tattoo Idea! « The Bocianski's Blog

use a star with the Celtic friendship symbol

Celtic friendship tattoo: Infinity Double Heart: matching tattoos with my best friend/love daniel caskey & kristen

Celtic knots are endless paths and so represent eternity and never ending this can be in love, faith, loyalty, and friendship. Celtic knots with more than a single path interwoven, can be seen as metaphors for life, and are frequently referred to as “love knots.”

Celtic friendship tattoo...maybe? by jessica.mckinley.73

Celtic symbol for friendship tattoo on feet Nisha... Looks like L and an S! Lurker & Swizzle! Lol!