Triskele-Symbol interpretation - personal growth, human development, spiritual expansion

The Meaning Behind the Ink: Celtic Triskelion

Triskelion Meaning as a Celtic Symbol: personal growth human development spiritual expansion - this was used as the Druid symbol in Merlin!

Celtic Tutorial 1 by Dweran on deviantART

Celtic Tutorial 1 by Dweran on DeviantArt - Celtic Knots inspiration mandala zentangle

Possible tattoo, Holy Flame.- OMHeavens that would go perfect with the one Jeromy already has!

Redwork Celtic Holy Flame Embroidery Design

This beautiful Celtic-inspired Holy Flame is an exclusive design created by Celtic artist Cari Buziak.

Awesome How-To for an intertwined border, made on a small scale from half-square triangles or on a larger scale with log cabin or Strips That Sizzle blocks.

For a border that adds the WOW factor to your quilt. A great instructional How-To for an Entwined border for your quilt.