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19 Beautiful Scottish Words That Everyone Needs In Their Life

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Anmchara (anahm karuh) Celtic word meaning soul friend, spiritual advisor, soul mate. Often used in reference to soul mates, midwifes, hospice nurses, nurses or people with deep compassion, spiritual leader, ministers, best friends.

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Draw A Circle: Haute Astrology Week of June 15th

*+*^.grandma malinda's version uses cross motion.^*+* A Caim Is a Celtic word. It means an invisible circle you put around yourself for immediate protection if you feel under threat. Draw an invisible circle around yourself with your right index finger by extending your arm towards the ground and turning clockwise with the Sun at day. Or Moon at night As you do this, become aware that you are safe and encompassed by the love of God and Goddess: that you are encircled, enfolded and…

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Boy Name: Esca. Meaning: River. Origin: Celtic. Esca comes from the celtic word for river and generally was used for persons who had strong feelings for nature.

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For the ancient Celts, August 1st signified Lughnasadh – the last of the four great feasts (alongside Samhain, Imbolc, and Beltane) celebrated throughout the year by those intriguing people. That day marked the end of the Celtic year. The day takes its name after the god, Lugh, and the Celtic word nasadh, meaning “feast.” It was dedicated to Lugh – a god of the Sun and the Arts in general, sometimes a patron of War. - read more in our November 2014 issue. FREE

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