3/3 2. Afghanistan was created by human migration coming in and combining some of Central and Southern Asia mixed with some Middle Eastern areas as well.

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This is an economic map of the Middle East. This map shows us what each country's most valuable export is. As you can see, the most common export is oil, and people specialize in it since it financially benefits their country.

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Here are the languages and dialects of the Middle East and Central Asia. This is just a tiny slice of a reason why foreign policy is a lot harder than we imagine them during our dumb, drunken political rants. - @Lakitu

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Kashan will always be associated in Islamic art for its high-quality ceramics production, which dates from the 12th century. Iran: the Bradt Guide www.bradtguides.com

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Scythians were nomadic herders of the steppes north of the Black Sea. Their origin, just like their mother tongue, is essentially unknown. They were among the first nomads riding domesticated horses, which gave them tremendous mobility and power. From the seventh century B. C. they dominated the Eastern part of Europe by conquering most other nomads and agricultural tribes.

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