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What Is Cerebral Atrophy? Is Your Brain Shrinking?

Those with narcissistic personality disorder lack gray matter in a key area of the brain, according to a recent study. (RT @eversotweetly: Big egos, smaller brains? | Narcissism, sociopathy, sexual addiction and serial cheating


Mediterranean diet may reduce brain cell loss (cerebral atrophy) in old age: Study

The #Mediterraneandiet has been shown to reduce #brain cell loss (cerebral atrophy) in old age. #seniors #oldage #healthnews #brainhealth


What is "mild diffuse cerebral atrophy"? Cerebral atrophy - Wikipedia


Antisense inhibition of selenoprotein synthesis by Zika virus may contribute to neurological disorders and microcephaly by mimicking selenoprotein P knockout and the genetic disease progressive cerebello-cerebral atrophy (PDF Download Available)