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Cern Super Collider

StarGate: Part One. CERN SUPER COLLIDER ~ Published on Jan 3, 2014 The Key to the Bottomless Pit, Top World Researchers are attempting to open other dimensions.


❥ StarGate: Part One. CERN SUPER COLLIDER - YouTube~ massive power boost in the CERN Super Collider will be used to open portals. The last time they did this, people saw giants coming in and out of this 'beam'…


Artist residency at Cern! Hmmmm....could get into trouble here for sure .


Visit CERN. I wonder if you get to see the Super Collider? I think my Mr. would go to Europe just to visit.


Bart, Art Consultant, likes Timothy Tompkins, Super Collider v.11 - "I am fascinated by the intersection of art & science. Tompkins has based his latest series on the Cern Super Collider and the painting are just amazing. When viewed up close, the shapes are fairly abstract, but when you step back a bit, a powerful and unified whole emerges."

I’m a Physicist at CERN. We’ve done something we shouldn’t have – Part 1, PART 2, & PART 3 Please be advised of the following: 1) I am breaking international laws regarding privacy and secrecy by publishing this information. 2) I am not going to disclose my location since I … More...