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girl gamer problems- why I usually hate playing games that has female characters with bigger boobs than i do and you cant change their chest size .


how else do you explain how female characters are practically naked while male characters are covered in armor?

from Laughing Squid

100 Years of Hat Fashion for Both Men and Women Shown Decade by Decade In Under Three Minutes

100 Years of Hat Fashion for Both Men & Women Shown Decade by Decade In Under Three Minutes


This ad utilizes the principle of association to sell its product. Dolce and Gabbana is associating their fragrance with sex and sensuality by featuring the two very attractive and sexual actors (which is a common factor in ads focusing on products such as perfumes), focusing on their bodies, and the making out. Additionally, the setting takes place in the sea. I would argue the ad is probably trying to convey a sense of freshness and fun as well.

Spencer Tunick (b.1967, Middletown) has a BA from Emerson College in Boston (1988). His photographs and videos are based on installations composed by hundreds and thousands of volunteers, male or female, appearing together at a site wearing no clothes. Their bodies seem to compose a landscape.

For a while, Madonna toted around -- and allegedly dated -- gay hustler and porn icon Tony Ward. The gorgeous dark-eyed stud with the Roman nose appeared with her in the "Justify My Love" video, "SEX" book and as the mer-man in the "Cherish" video. He also seered in Belinda Carlisle's "I Get Weak" video as the subject of her obsession. Us gays remember him in "Hustler White" and in just lots of gay porn mags...basically.