Chaenomeles vynikající Orange Trail

Chaenomeles vynikající Orange Trail

Flowering quince, "Scarlet Storm", good xeriscape shrub, compact for quince, 3-6 ft tall, double flowered, from "double take" series, zone 5-8

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Double Take Quince - Garden Storm. Big dark red double flowers appear in early spring. Drought tolerant once established, this plant may be pruned after flowering. Bright spring color. Good cut flower. Thornless, DEER RESISTANT and does not set fruit.

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Take hardwood cuttings of ornamental shrubs such as Cornus, Salix, Forsythia, Weigela, Escallonia, Rosa, Ribes, Chaenomeles and Elaeagnus. Many deciduous climbers can also be propagated in this way (e.g. Fallopia and Lonicera).

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Chaenomeles japonica 'Sargentii' - ground cover plant but it can be trained up against walls and fences, ht 39", spread 78". Spring flowering followed by fruits.

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