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REAL chai. Since the word "chai" means tea, it is redundant to say "chai tea". I make big jars of the spice mix, then add the black tea, sugar and milk to make by the cup. Want it iced? Make it strong, and pour it over a big cup of ice.

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Hot Vanilla Chai Tea Recipe

Are you a fan of hot drinks? If so this is a must try! Vanilla Chai Tea is a fan favorite! It has a unique blend of delicious flavors you are sure to fall in love with. Vanilla Chai Tea is not only creamy,...


For a beautiful and unique recipe in a jar gift... learn how to make chai tea mix with this gorgeous WHOLE spice chai tea recipe!

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Chai Tea: Recipe Mix for Hot Masala Chai Tea


Chai Tea {Caffeine Free + Immune Boosting} ... enjoy this chai year-round, hot in the winter months + iced in the summer. The tea mixture makes a lovely homemade gift too. | Recipes to Nourish

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How To Make Chai Tea

How to make Chai Tea... the authentic kind. True Indian chai tea recipe, rich creamy and brimming with depth and flavor. This chai tea recipe is the real

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Vanilla Vodka Chai Tea

Make tea time a lot more interesting by spiking your iced chai with vanilla vodka, which perfectly complements the spiced flavor of the tea.

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Better than the Coffee House Chai Tea

Better than the Coffee-House chai tea recipe. - this makes a big batch of actual chai tea.