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7 Days to More Balanced Chakras

In today’s nonstop world, how does a girl find balance? By looking within to balance the chakras, the body’s energetic centers. When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system which leads to a greater sense of peace, happiness, and wellness.... balance chakras | chakra clearing | reiki | chakras | reiki healing | law of attraction | energy healing

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Chakra Crystals Chart and How To Use It

Chakra Crystals Chart Infographic. Crystals and stones by colour. #crystalhealing #chakras

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From magickaltheory: This original graphic was created by me, Synnah Hermetica, as a part of my magickal study of energetic manipulation. Here the apprentice can observe the chakras mapped out with their corresponding elements and attributes for activation and stimulation. The grey text represents the channel that the energies use to travel through in relation to one another. Please do not remove this text.

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Balance your Chakras with these foods & exercises via charmedyoga
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Heal Yourself by regularly cleansing and balancing the your Chakras. In brief, Chakras are the Multi-Dimensional portals within our body. They govern our life by controlling our physical, emotiona...

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Beautiful depiction of one way of understanding where the chakras are in the body.

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Yoga Poster - 7 Chakras in Balance Check out

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The Best Chakra Infographics Ever - A Guide to Understanding Your Chakras

Reiki energy healing was founded by Mikao Usui Sensei in Reiki energy healers channel energy into a patient's body through touch to activate the body's own healing processes to help restore the patient's mental and physical health. This article will...

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Read this article to learn about the 7 chakras explained. Video in post.

Read this article to learn about the 7 chakras explained. Video in post.

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