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Is making change a problem for your students? If so, they could use this game! You can click on American money, Canadian, and many more! It's an outstanding resource!


Celebrating change-makers: Hon. Jessie Majome, Member of Parliament, Zimbabwe -

At the Democratic National Convention, former president Bill Clinton says Hillary Clinton has a history of being a "change-maker" and is the best choice for president.

But, what can you do? You can be the strong female leader that mentors other women, or the change maker who starts a campaign to help women fighting against the patriarchy that keeps them imprisoned by inequality. You can do anything that you are passionate about. Do something to spark change!

What value can you bring to the world this week? Make an impact. Be a difference maker.


Some of the world’s most promising innovators share their secrets to creating improvements to our world—to being change-makers. These are their tips: