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A Taurus will change for two reasons: They have learned enough to want to change or They have been hurt enough to have to change. Boy, is this Mr...

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People change for two main reasons

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This past year I quit more than I started and discouragement tempted to creep into my heart. But I realized that we have a choice to make when we look at our failures: we can wallow in a puddle of self pity, or we can learn from them, make changes, and glorify God for His #graceupongrace. I am choosing the second option. Wallowing gets us nowhere in life. When we admit where we fall short and come to Him with our brokenness and weaknesses, He supplies us with abundant grace and a fresh…

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Train your brain to create lasting positive change.

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Most people learn love from their parents, or families, I learned mine despite my parents, but show them the love I've learned, because maybe no one taught them. Be patient with the hurt you feel, someone else may feel it to

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Stop romanticizing and making them out for less than they are. Take people who have them seriously, before they get seriously hurt and don't push them on others! But also talk about the hard things, so that people who need help can get it, so that counseling isn't weakness or taboo

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And by spaces I don't mean hooters and pro rape meetups or the barbers shop for men where all stylists are dressed like strippers and rub all over them.

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Sometimes even the smallest acts, are indeed acts of bravery and kindness. Be mindful. You never really know the internal magnitude of another person's actions or there meaning to them. ~BlackCat

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How to Handle Prayers That Don't Go Your Way

Have your prayers ever gone unanswered? It's really confusing when you pray and believe God can change the situation, and nothing happens or it doesn't go the way you hoped. Come along with Spiritually Hungry as we explore this often difficult phenomenon.

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