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Step Up (2006)

Step Up (2006) - Channing Tatum can dance? Why yes, yes he can. And is it a cheesy dance movie? Yes. Is predictable? Yes. Is it fun and enjoyable? Yes. Worth a watch


Hear Ciara, Kelis, and More on the 'Step Up' Soundtrack

This on screen couple took it off screen, all the way to the alter. The passion they have is undeniable. In a relationship you need passion, chemistry, friendship, respect, care, love and I could go on but your get the point. You have to keep the fire burning and this may be very hard to achieve as time goes by. How might a couple have the possibility to conquer with your heart, listen with your ears...and throw in really hot sex here and there. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan


I l<3ve the "Step Up", music, and a love story, what more do you need ?


Step Up. The fact that these people were co-stars, bf and gf, husband and wife and now mother and father. They are so cute. I love this movie.