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Because he dislikes killing, but knows that those he kills are truly a menace to society or something. What if he doesn't judge these people himself, but instead receives these contracts by someone he trusts to judge their character? And, what if one day, this trust fails?

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It seems like everybody these days is trying to write “strong” female characters. In and of itself, this is a great thing. Women are strong and should be perceived that way, but now writing a strong female character has become its own stereotype. So how do we write truly strong female characters, the ones we … … Continue reading →

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Scraps of writing notes for characters, plots, and miscellaneous ideas have a way of building up into a mountain. Take a day to go through them and pare the ideas and notes down to what's still important and relevant. For more tips on decluttering and organizing your writing paraphernalia, check out the ebook Decluttering for Writers by clicking the pin!

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HAPPY 2017!!! ؁ღ❁ღ؁Ƥℓҽąʂҽ Ƒҽҽℓ Ƒɽҽҽ ƬᎧ ƤᎥɳ Ꮗɦą৳ ƴᎧմ ᏝᎥƙҽ! ƝᎧ ƤᎥɳ ᏝᎥɱᎥ৳ʂ! Ʈɧąɳƙ ϒσմ Ƒσŗ ƑσℓℓσωᎥɳɠ ᘻƴ ᙖoąŗɗʂ! ᏋɳᏠᎧƴ , Ꮳσɱҽ ᙖąƈƙ Ꭷƒ৳ҽɳ, ąɳȡ Ӈąƥƥƴ ƤᎥɳɳᎥɳɠ~ ☘☘ Ïŕìŝђ €ƴẻŝ ☘☘؁ღ❁ღ؁

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Dude super paranoid character that everyone makes fun of, but then their paranoia actually saves the day and the paranoid one is super proud

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"Come let's take a selfie MC! I told you guys MC was cute! ! " OHMTGD

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