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Charitable deductions

To claim a charitable deduction, you need to have the proper documentation. What that looks like will depend on whether you gave cash or property and how much it was worth.


Good idea from the comments' section: "I only have 2 Canadian bank accounts but for the first one, I have 1 chequings account and 3 savings accounts. Basically they are for Bills, Short Term (Vacations or shopping spree), and Long Term Savings (Emergencies or Weddings/Down Payment for House). My 2nd bank account just has another Savings Account and GICs from an inheritance. I basically need to treat these many accounts as computer folders. "


With the field of presidential candidates narrowing to four likely contenders, The Chronicle presents snapshots of their ideas on the charitable deduction and other notes of interest to nonprofits.

These oddball charitable deductions can help your favorite nonprofit -- and cut your tax bill.

Charitable Deductions for Animal-Rescue Volunteers

Millions of individuals volunteer to help raise funds or perform other tasks on behalf of animal-rescue groups and other charitable organizations. When t...

Charity can be performed by anyone and everyone. A unique way to help out can be by donating your used or new boat. Our charity accepts a wide range of items besides products of transportation like real estate, computers, collectibles, cars, and many other charitable items. DONATE TODAY, make a difference in your community, receive an unbeatable tax deductible! Visit our website , or call us at (888)-888-7187 for any questions!


Endometriosis Research Center --- The ERC is the only 501(c)3 non-profit endometriosis charity which exists solely on the donations, charitable contributions, and volunteerism of concerned individuals and foundations who share our goals of improving the quality of life for those with the disease, seeking more effective treatments, and ultimately, a cure. We do not pay staff salaries, and all tax-deductible contributions are received 100% by the ERC. ---

Tax Deductions 2017: 50 Tax Write-Offs You Don’t Know About

Tax deductions reduce your taxable income by accounting for expenses you've incurred. The IRS offers many ways to reduce your taxable income, from deducting childcare costs and mortgage interest to charitable donations and moving expenses. Learn about new tax breaks for 2016 and which deductions are returning this tax season. Related: Don't Forget These 8 Important Deductions