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Chartreux kitten (looks like a toy)

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Really cute kittens!!!

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Chartreux Cat Breed Information

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blue cat- Emberthor does this all the time.

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Chartreux kitten

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Get a Chartreux

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Oh, what a sweetie. Please don't breed or buy while shelter animals die. Please adopt from shelters and rescue groups. You'll be saving a life.

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Chartreux kittens

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Chartreux Kittens.

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Chartreux - The Chartreux dates back to 16th-century France. Its thick, velvety coat is any shade of blue-gray, from ash to slate, with the tips lightly brushed with silver. The Chartreux's copper or gold eyes hint at its relation to the Russian Blue, whose eyes are a deep emerald green.

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