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Chartreux kittens from Chanson Bleu Chartreux, a CFA registered cattery. We breed, show and sell Chartreux kittens. Our web site contains information, history and many pictures of Chartreux breed.

Chartreux Cat Breed Information

Parent’s With Huge Secret

Tuxedo Cat Facts and personality. Tuxedo cats are very friendly in nature and also extremely active. They are more vocal as compared to the Persian breeds

Russain blue Kittens

NOT A Russian Blue. Note the eye color. Russian Blues have GREEN eyes. Chartreux have yellow/orange.

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The Chartreux cats tend to be quiet, rarely making noises such as mewing or crying, and some are mute.

British Shorthair Blue Kittens

Breeding station offers kittens of british shorthair blue, small, and oh so cuddly .