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Chase Bank Account

#327 Have 1 million dollars in my bank account (or 3!)!!!


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"That extra zeros in your bank account won’t make you happier, that 5 kilos you lost won’t make you prettier, that taking charge of your life, speaking with all honestly however brutal it might seem and start chasing for your dreams are frankly, alright."

Why I HATE Chase Bank - Account CLOSED! Common Sense is a thing of the past!


Anyone with a Chase bank account listen to this: If you order your checks over the phone with a live banker it is $18.95 + free shipping, but if you order it through the online banking system it is $17.95 + shipping. Just thought I'd share this money saving tip, so give 'em a call!!!

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JP Morgan Chase Bank Account Review: Online Mobile Banking


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Beware of Phishing Chase Email Message - "Account Suspended"

Beware of Phishing Chase Email Message: "Account Suspended": The email message below: "Account Suspended," is a phishing scam. The email message was not sent by Chase. Instead, it was sent by cyber-criminals, so do not follow the instructions or click on the links within it. The links will take you to a fake JPMorgan Chase Bank website designed to trick you into stealing your Chase username and password. It is recommended never to click on a link in an email message to si...