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Guevara remains both a revered and reviled historical figure, polarized in the collective imagination in a multitude of biographies, memoirs, essays, documentaries, songs, and films. As a result of his perceived martyrdom, poetic invocations for class struggle, and desire to create the consciousness of a "new man" driven by moral rather than material incentives; he has evolved into a quintessential icon of various leftist-inspired movements. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most…

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Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928 –1967) died at the age of 39. He was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia within popular culture. "Be realistic, demand the impossible!"

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Guevara era muy popular entre la población cubana. Las historias de su valentía y liderazgo circularon ampliamente, y se le considera una de las figuras más importantes de la Revolución.

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Che Guevara y familia. De izquierda a derecha: Aleida March, Camilo (h), Hilda (h), Che con Celia (h) en brazos, Aleida (h)

Famosa foto de Ernesto Che Guevara , simbolo de la revolucion cubana.

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Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna, genannt Che (* offiziell 14. Juni 1928 in Rosario, Argentinien; † 9. Oktober 1967 in La Higuera, Bolivien), war ein marxistischer Revolutionär, Guerillaführer, Arzt und Autor. Bereits seine während des Medizinstudiums erstellten Reisetagebücher hatten literarische Qualität und wurden mehrmals verfilmt. Einzelne seiner Schriften und Reden beeinflussten revolutionäre Strömungen weit über Kuba hinaus. Sein coolster Spruch: "Verwandelt euren Hass in Energie!"

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