How to build a raised bed garden for under $12! When I first started researching raised garden beds, I was in shock at the pricing of those “raised garden bed kits” you can buy, I thought there had to be a cheaper way. I found it!

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A quick fix on a cheap cordless drill battery pack, rather than buying a replacement I switched out the batteries in the pack for a new set of rechargeable c...

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DIY cheap electric bike using a cordless- drill battery....not all rednecks live back in the holler...

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This table is a good project for someone who has no real power tools and limited hand tools. The only thing I used was a cheap cordless drill, a screw...

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[$189.00] 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Simple Cordless Drill Holder by dwcoffey - I made a video showing how to make a very simple, convenient and effective cordless drill holder:I use these in and around my shop. They're cheap to make and don't require a lot of fab time, plus they're not as bulky as the ones you see made with large diameter PVC pipe.Thanks! Dennis

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