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Excelsior Monarch scooter from 1958. This was a rebadged DKW design and the Germans always thought scooters were secretly touring bikes, not cheap urban transport. How odd. Nicking DKW designs was part of the payback that the British bike industry inflicted on the Germans after winning WWII. Incredibly, the Brits turned down the VW Beetle rights, choosing DKW instead.To spoil things further Excelsior fitted a 147cc engine which was a rehash of DKW's pre-war single, but not built as well. Oh…


De Dion Bouton Motor Tricycle, 1898. These tricycles were pretty hard to start as it has to be powered by pedal to start it. But once these machines kicked off they were capable of cruising at a reasonable speed of 20 mph which was quite fast at those times. Considerable amount of skill was required to corner these tricycles. The rear axle has a differential gear and no clutch was provided. It is powered by a single cylinder, four-stroke, air cooled engine which generated about 2.5 hp.