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How To Make Painted Mugs That Will Not Wash Away

Sharpie Paint Coffee Mugs! You need deco art paint markers, a cheap mug(less glaze the better) stencils if you want for drawing and alcohol to clean the cup before drawing. After you are done drawing bake in the oven at 425f for 30 minutes. Let it warm up with the oven and cool down with the oven to prevent cracking!


DIY Painted Mugs - That Won't Wash Away {Craft

Glued to my Crafts: DIY Painted Mugs - That Won't Wash Away {Craft}


7 Little Gifts You Can Make for Your Coworkers

You'll make the daily (hourly?) stop by the coffee machine a little more fun for your cube mates with these chalkboard painted mugs, which they can doodle on in between brews. Get the tutorial at Pretty Handy Girl. -


10 Adorably Cute DIY Mugs

We’ve rounded up our favorite designs for inexpensive, custom-made, DIY mugs! Some are kid-friendly projects, and others would make a great craft for a Moms’-night-in or a baby/wedding shower! {This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.} Before you get started, a few helpful tips: Cheap mugs work best due to the inexpensive glaze used. These …


DIY Projects & Crafts

Stencilling on the mugs...use a foam pouncer to apply pearl paint over the taped-on stencil.


16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home

DIY crafts can be a lot of fun – many of them are practical, aesthetically pleasing and a blast to work on to boot. Unfortunately, many DIY projects require a lot of resources and time. But don't worry because here are some tutorials that can help you enjoy the perks of homemade crafts without requiring you to spend a fortune on supplies. All you need is some items you probably already have. You can even recycle and reuse old materials! What's best, these crafts are not time-consuming. Go…


DIY Christmas Gifts for Family

Click Pick for 20 Cheap and Easy Diy Gifts for Friends Ideas | Last Minute Diy Christmas Gifts Ideas for Family


30 DIY Gifts That Will Actually Get used!

You can even use super cheap mugs from the dollar store to create gifts or party favors. Just draw on the surface of your mug and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Good idea for super cheap Christmas gifts to friends.