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Excelsior Monarch scooter from 1958. This was a rebadged DKW design and the Germans always thought scooters were secretly touring bikes, not cheap urban transport. How odd. Nicking DKW designs was part of the payback that the British bike industry inflicted on the Germans after winning WWII. Incredibly, the Brits turned down the VW Beetle rights, choosing DKW instead.To spoil things further Excelsior fitted a 147cc engine which was a rehash of DKW's pre-war single, but not built as well. Oh…


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Traveling Thailand on $20 per Day

Thailand has long been considered one of the best budget-friendly destinations in the world. It’s safe for solo travelers, has activities for all types of adventurers and is very easy on the bank account. I wanted to share a fun-filled day that I had in Krabi, Thailand to show how easy it is to explore on as little as $20 a day. I noted how much I spent throughout the day so it’s easy to follow along. I’m still baffled by how inexpensive everything was!


The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Getting Around Bali: My recommendation is to avoid the traffic of Bali by renting a scooter—a fast way to zip through the streets and countryside.Renting a motorbike is the “way” of Bali and very cheap. If you don’t feel comfortable driving yourself, you can use the GO-JEK app for an Uber-type service but on the back of a motorbike.


How to Stop Dog Aggression

Teach your dog to stop being aggressive! Calm an angry dog with these tips that will put you back in charge. Your dominant dog will learn to be obedient by using these dog training tips. Read now to learn all you need to know about how to stop dog aggression!