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Beautifully colored Cocker Spaniel

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Pet Travel: The Cheapest Hotels and Airlines for Your Fur Baby

Pet Travel: Hotels and Airlines - try never to "check" your pet as "baggage" on ANY airline, still far too many are STILL being "lost", or dying from freezing or overheating in the belly of the planes. Word to the wise - only carry-on pets in planes.

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24 Pooped Out Puppies Who Are So Cute It Hurts

Cocker Spaniel pup:

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Whoreders: DIY Homemade Dog Food This sounds super simple! Love the price breakdown, too!

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Homemade dried liver treat recipe. Cheap, healthy and easy to make. Ideal for dog training and taking with you while out walking the dog.

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Fancy Dog Dress - Pet Dresses, Formal, Wedding, Birthday, Wedding, Bridal, Christmas, Party, Puppy

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Catahoula Leopard Dog Info & Pictures

catahoula dog

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My puppy went into heat and puppy diapers are expensive so I found how to make homemade puppy diapers using puppy pads

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Oddly adorable animal friendships

5 of the most Family Friendly Dog Breeds

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The 31 Cheapest Dogs on The Market

Caring for a dog is no small investment, but some wonderful dog breeds actually do not cost a fortune. Using our dog breeds topic, we decided to find out which puppies are the cheapest out there.

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