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Check My Dns

The #DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-#OARC) brings together key operators, implementors, and researchers on a trusted platform so they can coordinate responses to attacks and other concerns, share information and learn together. -– Of course I'd pin this, I've held a couple positions at companies that were knee deep in DNS.

Comprehensive traversal DNS checking in an instant Check your internet addresses with's traversing DNS checker. This will check every single branch of the DNS tree to ensure your addresses are delegating and resolving correctly. This is accomplished by traversing the DNS tree from the root examining all possible routes that a client could travel, calculating percentage probabilities on the way


DN is so important and I truly believe that with time and effort studying it as much as we can we can unlock the cure to many of the problems that plague our human world. :D


Debian 6 squeeze / Ubuntu LTS / 12.04 / BAMT : Custom CGMiner-keccak ( cgminer 2.7.3 ) -


Online Portal: A new strategy of effective and fast marketing. Having online Portal for your business will give you the power to keep all of your customers informed, up-to-date and satisfied by providing them uninterrupted access to real time information and empowering them to interact with the changing systems and services of your business.

Kim Komando describes a tool that allows your computer to become a free hotspot. Since many classrooms do not have a wireless environment, this tool may be a good way to connect your tablet in settings where wireless is not available.