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picture totally doesn't match! mac and cheese in german instructions


Porree-Tarte mit Ziegenfrischkäse

Say hello to Elli Quark! Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are pretty common products these days in the dairy aisle of grocery stores – but have you heard of Quark before? Quark (pronounced “kvark” in German) is neither greek yogurt nor cottage cheese, but instead a creamy German-style fresh cheese product that has a consistency very similar to greek …

from Epicurious

Beer Cheese Fondue

Soft pretzels, sliced German sausages, pickled garden vegetables, and roasted Brussels sprouts can all be dipped in this oozy cheese sauce for one amusing wintertime party. Swiss Alpine-style cheeses are the best choice for fondue, given their earthy, robust flavor and excellent melting quality. Substitute any easy-melting cheese for the Gruyère found in this recipe. Raclette, Emmentaler, Cheddar, Fontina, and Gouda are all delicious choices, and can be blended for a more complex flavor.


Cheddar Cheese and Beer Fondue Recipe with Cheddar Cheese, Gruyere Cheese, German Lager Beer, Spicy Mustard, Hot Sauce, and Worcestershire Sauce - Ready in 20 Minutes