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Chef Adam Simmonds

Dark chocolate Délice, peppermint granita and gel - a great way to finish another feast! by Chef Adam Simmonds

from Great British Chefs

Passion fruit ganache

Passion fruit ganache - use honey in place of trimolene

from Great British Chefs

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight Recipe - Great British Chefs. Maddie, remember Austin's face after he got his! Hahahahahhaha


This over-the-top Valentine’s Day dinner menu that costs nearly $100, 000 is created by Chef Adam Simmonds. After you eat these flavorful bursts, you may feel heart palpitations after a meal. During two lovebirds sharing a meal, you have an experience where romance has so much beauty. Cost: Nearly $100, 000 URL:

Roasted loin of lamb, crisp belly, goat's curd, Onion ash and purslane - Amazing, in my opinion the best dish of them all! Very juicy, perfectly pink and tenderloin (perhaps sous vide?) lots of flavours and textures in this dish. The onion ash added a bitter and smoky flavour to the plate. by Chef Adam Simmonds

Strawberry sorbet, pistachio parfait, eucalyptus cream and olive - very refreshing like a palette cleanser, the eucalyptus cream was slightly overpowering, but I liked the creativity of Chef Adam Simmonds