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Beef and blue cheese with broccoli and smoked pommes anna

An inspiring sous vide beef and blue cheese recipe from chef Ollie Moore, this beautiful dish is paired with vibrant broccoli, cooked three ways,…

Chargrilled radicchio and blood orange dressing

With just three ingredients, this simple radicchio and blood orange recipe from Chef Ollie Moore makes a beautiful and unusual addition to a dinner party or lunch.

Grilled monkfish with red wine sauce

In this delicious summer monkfish recipe, chef Ollie Moore pairs the meaty texture and flavour of monkfish with a rich red wine and caramel sauce


Citrus meringue

A simple citrus meringue recipe from Chef Ollie Moore, here flavour is added with fragrant lemon and lime zest to create a perfect base for puddings and desserts.

Celeriac coleslaw

An easy side, this crisp celeriac coleslaw recipe makes a refreshing side to any number of meat, fish or vegetable main courses.…


Gammon pakora

Ollie Moore presents a novel and delicious way to use up leftover gammon or ham hock