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Chef Robert Ortiz

75% Amazonian Chocolate Mousse & Dried Roots, by Peruvian Michelin starred chef Robert Ortiz, of Lima restaurant London #food #foodart #foodporn #foodie #fourmagazine #obession #northcote

Michelin star Peruvian chef Robert Ortiz cooks sea bass, scallops and oc...

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Textures of corn

Peruvian chef Robert Ortiz shares a sensational gourmet corn recipe. "Textures of corn was inspired by the many varieties (36) of corn in Peru, most of which are sourced from the Andes," Ortiz explains. "They can add spice, crunch, sweetness, colour, bitterness and acidity to a variety of dishes, and its their diversity that makes them such an amazing ingredient to work with."


Lovely picture from the blogger Wilkes - Head Chef Robert Ortiz plating Beef Pachamanca


Silvia & Head Chef Robert Ortiz @Taste of London

Michelin Star Peruvian Chef Robert Ortiz Cooks Sea Bass, Scallops And Octopus -- Watch Staff Canteen create this delicious recipe at

Head Chef Robert Ortiz sharing his passion for Peruvian food

Co-owner Gabriel, Head Chef Robert Ortiz, Executive Chef Virgilio Martinez and Roberto after their demo in the Electrolux