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Poached Tilapia with Mango Salsa

From Chef Supplies by KaTom: Poached Tilapia with Mango Salsa by Chef Randy Herzog of Wilderness at the Smokies

Kamala - Bamboo Mini Fork - 90mm/3.54"

These Bamboo Mini Forks enhance food presentation beautifully! Loved by restaurant chefs and caterers. Biodegradable and upscale.


Bamboo Leaf Cone - 2 Sizes

Our cones come in a variety of different sizes for any culinary creation. They are perfect for canapes, appetizers, sides, desserts or tapas.

"Noah" Heavy Duty Wooden Tray - 3 sizes - 10pcs per Pack

Our Noah Wooden line provides semi-reusable wooden trays perfect for catering and serving delicious finger food, particularly when coupled with Kraft liners and lids.

"Samurai" Wooden Square Dish - 130mm/5" - 100 pcs per Pack

Our Samurai tableware is a stunning natural design; it is the perfect way to add a beautiful touch to your table. Perfect for fusion foods such as sushi, appetizers and desserts. Can be used with or without lids.


Great British Chefs supply a dazzling collection of skate recipes, including an Asian inspired skate recipe and a skate with chorizo recipe