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What's the difference between a comet, asteroid, meteor, meteoroid and meteorite?

'Name That Space Rock' Great infographic that clearly & concisely shows differences between a comet, asteroid, meteoroid, meteor & meteorite. (Credit and copyright: Tim Lillis) Mona Evans, "Meteor or Meteorite & Other Posers"


A meteoroid fell to Earth on February 15, streaking some 20 to 30 kilometers above the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia at 9:20am local time. Initially traveling at about 20 kilometers per second, its explosive deceleration after impact with the lower atmosphere created a flash brighter than the Sun.


- vanishing: Russia, February 14th, 2013. exploding meteor that went BANG 10 thousand metres above and yet blew most if not ALL the windows in the town. NOTE: we have no chance if one blew up closer to a bigger city.......Governments around the WORLD take note.. PLEASE.

from the Guardian

Scientists reveal the full power of the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion

from Live Science

Earth at Higher Risk of Asteroid Impact, Russian Meteor Explosion Reveals


Giant chunk of Russian meteor raised from the lake

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian scientists have recovered a giant chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteor from the bottom of the lake it crashed into.