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Ecodough: An all natural dough made with plant, fruit, and veggie extracts and no chemicals, metals, or artificial dyes. And both the dough and the container are compostable. They also have a gluten/dairy/soy-free dough too if you are concerned about allergies.


How to - Chemical metal to repair a Hex Socket Part 2 So after Playing round with chemical metal i wanted to do some more testing so i had a look around and ...

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Chemistry Interactive Notebook Pages

Science Interactive Templates for Middle School Chemistry - covers metals, nonmetals, and metalloids, periodic table, protons, neutrons, electrons, balancing equations, atoms, physical and chemical changes, and more.


I need to do more research, but this is the solution Martha Stewart uses to add a dark patina to polished brass. Some of the lights I'm finding have had all the lovely patina polished off them! Perhaps this would be a way to age them back?


These labels were developed for the healthy blended drinks created for EQ Greens. Each drink helped with a particular medical condition by either increasing your defenses, immunity, etc or by removing harmful toxins, chemicals, metals, etc from your body.…