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from NY Daily News

Anxiety and depression: Habits or mental illness?

While anxiety and depression are both the result of chemical shifts in your brain, the real question is what are the causes of this imbalance.


CHARACTERISTIC PROTON CHEMICAL SHIFTSType of ProtonStructureChemical Shift, ppm CyclopropaneC3H60.2 PrimaryR-CH30.9 SecondaryR2-CH21.3 TertiaryR3-C-H1.5 VinylicC=C-H4.6-5.9 Acetylenictriple bond,CC-H2-3 AromaticAr-H6-8.5 BenzylicAr-C-H2.2-3 AllylicC=C-CH31.7 FluoridesH-C-F4-4.5 ChloridesH-C-Cl3-4 BromidesH-C-Br2.5-4 IodidesH-C-I2-4 AlcoholsH-C-OH3.4-4 EthersH-C-OR3.3-4 EstersRCOO-C-H3.7-4.1 EstersH-C-COOR2-2.2 AcidsH-C-COOH2-2.6 Carbonyl CompoundsH-C-C=O2-2.7…

Quadrigeminal plate cistern lipoma. MRI demonstrates a mass in the quadrigeminal plate cistern with very high T1 and T2 signal which demonstrates fat saturation and chemical shift artefact, confirming that the mass is composed of fat, and as such represents a quadrigeminal cistern lipoma. Read more: