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Chemotherapy drugs are powerful enough to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, but they also can harm perfectly healthy cells, causing side effects throughout the body. The Side Effects of Chemotherapy on the Body Cancer cells divide more quickly than healthy cells, and chemotherapy drugs effectively target those cells. Unfortunately, fast-growing cells that are healthy can be damaged too. There are many different chemotherapy drugs with the potential for many different side effects. These…

Check out a virtual guide of 19 effects of chemotherapy on the body:
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Chemotherapy Effects

Check out a virtual guide of 19 effects of chemotherapy on the body:


21 Chemo Side Effects Everyone Should Know About. When you hear the word chemo, what are the first side effects that come to mind? The most commonly known ones are hair loss and nausea with vomiting. But are these all of the side effects of chemotherapy? Not at all! Anyone that has personally gone through it, along with the caregivers, know first-hand the nastiness and depth of chemo side effects.


Chemotherapy may cause your nails to change colour, become brittle, grooved, lifted or sensitive. Docetaxel side effects include significant nail changes...

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How to Cope with Fatigue Symptoms During Cancer Radiation Therapy

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10 Common Chemo Side Effects and How to Treat Them

Are there some helpful tips for managing common chemotherapy side effects?


New advancements are being made in the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy, but unfortunately, most patients will still experience uncomfortable or painful side effects from treatment. One benefit of Chemotherapy Resistance/Sensitivity Testing like ChemoFx, is that it can help find effective chemotherapy treatments for the individual patient, preventing the toxicity a patient experiences due to ineffective drugs, incompatible with their unique biology.