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구름이 최고 예쁜 계절~~~돗자리깔고 누워~~하늘과 마주하고픈 가을 #천호지 #단대호수 #천안가볼만함곳 #까페 #천안시

SUB ~ North Korea 78 Subs ~ The Korean People’s Army Navy Force (KPANF), despite having another rather confusing name, takes top spot on this list with a force of 78 submarines. All of North Korea’s submarines are diesel-electric and none of them displace more than 1800 tons. The potential danger of this force was demonstrated in 2010 when a small 130 ton sub of the Yono class sank the South Korean corvette Cheonan.~ BFD

Arario Gallery Cheonan presents the first posthumous show of the Korean figurative painter Sookwang Sohn (b. 1943-2002).

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The world's best interiors: bars, restaurants and shops

Designed by Amsterdam-based firm UNStudio, Galleria Centercity in Cheonan, South Korea, is a shopping centre with a flowing interior that is meant to replicate the fluid movements of an unfolding ribbon.

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La-cubo / JUNGLIM Architecture

La-cubo, Retail / JUNGLIM Architecture / architect Kim, Kyunghoon © Namgoong Sun