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Cherokee Indians are known to have high cheek bones, and a perfect body frame. Women: high cheek bones, a perfect body frame, a naturally tanned color to the skin, dark eyes, eyes small but lively, beautiful and fierce, hair is coarse yet soft and a dark color, but lighter in the sun/light, <3 this is a description of my heritage appearance

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The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Seven Clans. I am Bird Clan. For some, stating one's clan is not done because of the fear of conjuring; for others, clan is not stated because they believe that Christianity and traditional beliefs should never be mixed; for people like me, stating one's clan is acceptable because clan represents many values, including hospitality. I am a Christian Cherokee woman who is proud of clan.


The late Wilma Mankiller is one of my Cherokee heroes. She was the first modern woman chief of the Oklahoma Cherokees, a dedicated person, and a writer of several non-fiction books.