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Willma Mankiller, Cherokee---Notice the content of the quotation. We would rather be called by the name of our ancestors...Cherokee, Navajo, Lokota, Apache, Arapaho...Native American and Indian are what others conjured up for us. But if you must, call us Indians.


10 Important Facts About the Cherokee Tribe

10 Important Facts About the Cherokee Tribe "Aniyunwiya," which means "the principal people," their native tongue IS KNOWN as "Tsalagi."


Oh Say Can You See? 7: The Nightmare Continues

Trail Of Tears Cherokee Names | ... out, Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and the Trail of Tears


Cherokee. The Cherokee syllabary was invented by a member of the Cherokee nation named Sequoya around 1821. Sequoyah simply took the shape of some English letters and assigned new syllabic values to them. The other signs do not resemble any English letter, and therefore were likely invented by Sequoya. Location: Americas > North America. Time:1821 CE to Present. Direction: Left to Right.


You should follow the link and read the tutorial to help yourself use this chart best, but basically, each Cherokee character represents one syllable. So if your name is Mona, you would use the two characters for MO and NA, written left to right, like this: . This doesn't actually mean anything in the Cherokee language, of course--it is just a way of spelling the English name Mona using the Cherokee writing system.


Nancy Ward. Cherokee name: Nanye-hi "One who goes about." Born 1738 in Chota which was the capital of the Cherokee Nation. She was a brave or chief of the Delawares. In a battle against the Creeks her husband was killed. She took up his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. She was 18 at the time and given the title "Ghi-Ga-U". Beloved Woman.


John Rollin Ridge (Cherokee name: Cheesquatalawny, or Yellow Bird,[1] March 19, 1827–October 5, 1867), a member of the Cherokee Nation, is considered the first Native American novelist, ca. 1850