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Japanese cherry blossom wedding cake. OK this would be the cake for me!! Maybe on our 30th anniversary and it is creeping right up. We can still remember the first time we saw each other just like it was yesterday. He actually tells me he still sees that same girl. Freaks me out. LOVE!!


Simple and sweet, this Cherry Blossom Cake is the perfect finish to a bridal shower or large dinner party. An eye-catching floral branch makes this subtle cake stand out among the rest, and it’s simple enough for beginning decorators as well as those who are more advanced. Use the Wilton Easy Layers Cake Pan Set to easily create all the layers for this cake at one time.


Beautiful Cherry Blossom Cake

Elegant Cherry Blossom Cake Tutorial! Member Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by - Online Cake Decorating Tutorials, Videos, & Recipes!


Cherry Blossoms - This cake dressed in frosting cherry blossoms is the perfect fit. The botom tier consists of four full cake layers and three layers of filling, making it twice the height of either of the other two tiers.