When the Japanese gather under the cherry blossom trees every April, they’re not just admiring the aesthetic attributes of a flower. Over tables of sake-filled glasses, bento boxes and sweet mochi, they’re seizing the day. They’re wringing the beauty out of life. They’re commemorating the loss of loved ones and reflecting on their own precious lives with a sense of wonder while shedding the past to usher in a bright, promising new year.

The Meaning of Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Life, Death and Renewal

Japanese sakura are not only sublime to look at, they're deeply revered for their symbolism. Find out the true meaning of cherry blossoms in Japan.

The meaning of cherry blossoms....

Symbolism And Meaning of the Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom tattoos are generally very bright and colorful, which makes them quite stunning to look at. Description from tattoosforyou.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Cherry blossom tattoos are generally very bright and colorful, which makes them…

cherry blossom tattoos. I love this placement.

Cherry blossom tattoos are common among the Eastern Cultures like Japanese and Chinese. These tattoos are gaining popularity in the western countries.

Cherry Blossom tattoo designs may be single or in clusters and may be combined with objects like thorns, dreamcatchers, feathers, butterflies, birds, vines, anchors, arrows, ladybugs, quotes or even the names of the bearer - Part 5

150+ Cherry Blossom Tattoos And Meanings (February 2018) - Part 5

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This one I am attracted to the most. I love the style and yet it is sparse enough that it may not hurt as much as the others.

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