Chest hair removal

How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors ~ Remove the oven drawer, wrap one end of a THIN LONG branch in a paper towel, secure with duct tape, dip in Windex and squeeze out excess liquid, lie on the floor on your back, insert the stick up through the BOTTOM of the oven door between the 2 glass panes, and wipe in a windshield wiper motion until the spill is GONE! Whew!

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Why do modern men hate chest hair? Wives laugh at their vanity. Their dads think it's effete. So why do today's men wax, pluck and shave?

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Embarrassed by "bacne?" Learn how to banish back, chest and body acne for good using a two-pronged approach of exfoliation and an easy-to-make natural toner spray.

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Sam Elliot in "Lifeguard" 1976. Back before men waxed off all their chest hair

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Here are some skin care tips for men who aspire to have a clean ... Most men prefer to shave off chest hair because they are wary of waxing! Mmmmm

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Men's waxing hair map to help learn male waxing - common directions of hair growth for the chest and abs

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